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We are looking for Senior Software Developers to help grow our team! 

UrbanBound has built a platform for the world’s best employers to administer a robust relocation solution to their employees. We are cloud based, scalable, and hopelessly dedicated to offering a great user experience. With well over 150 of the largest employers as customers, UrbanBound is disrupting the historically high-touch/low-tech relocation industry by providing an innovative technology that is being readily adopted. We are well funded by top-tier VC’s who are committed to helping us re-envision the $50 Billion global relocation industry.

Come help us change relocation forever.

UrbanBound is currently looking for Software Developers to build the implementation of our software, including web applications, mobile applications, APIs, and supporting infrastructure for UrbanBound’s rapidly growing base of Fortune 1000 clients.

The successful candidate will possess the following attributes: self-motivated, organized, leader, goal-oriented, problem-solver, communicator, and above all, a love for writing beautiful code that solves real problems with likeminded teammates. 


  • Passionate software developer who loves working with the best tools and people.
  • Appreciates the elegance and maintainability of well-written code and holds both yourself and your team to the highest standards of quality and professionalism.
  • 5+ years experience building web-based products.
  • 2+ years building Ruby on Rails applications.
  • Experience working in, and quickly mastering, a variety of languages and systems (e.g Backbone.js, node.js, jQuery, Clojure, Python, Postgres, JSON, NoSQL)
  • Ability to continually grow the skills and abilities of your team over time.
  • Good statistical analysis skills and the ability to make data-driven decisions (e.g. Excel, A/B testing, KISSmetrics, etc).
  • Deep understanding of all aspects of software application engineering and systems (e.g. design patterns, TDD/BDD, reliability, scalability, redundancy, fail-over).
  • Meticulous attention to detail, results-driven attitude, and ownership over quality and outcomes.

Do you know the perfect person for this position? Then it's your lucky day. 


Introduce us to them, and we will introduce you to $10,000.  

That's right. Ten. Thousand. Dollars. 


The Rules:

  • Please don’t refer yourself, but feel free to apply!
  • You must know the person you are referring (and they should be expecting our call).
  • This applies to Software Developer positions only.
  • The $10,000 referral reward is earned when your candidate reaches his or her 4 month anniversary at UrbanBound. 
  • You must make your referral before May 1, 2014.
  • You must be the first person to refer the candidate from any source. By submitting the form below, we will record the date and time of submission along with the candidate's name.
  • If we can’t meet with the referral within thirty days or we don’t hire them within six months after you submit their name, no bonus will be paid.
  • We can decide to stop this program or change the rules at any time. If we do, we'll post them on this page.

Refer a Software Developer