core/flex relocation policies

Wondering How to Best Implement Core/Flex at Your Company?

We'll show you how.

Core/flex relocation policies are changing the way HR and Mobility departments create relocation plans for their transferees. By utilizing core/flex, transferees can customize relocation policies based on their unique needs without having to take too much time away from internal departments. 

Wondering how to utilize this type of core/flex policy at your company?

Watch our webinar, led by Michael Krasman and Erin Wasson, to help you build core/flex relocation policies for:

-Entry-Level Employees
-Mid-Level Employees
-Senior Executives
-The C-Suite

We are going to discuss some of the best ways to address different levels of transferees and the types of benefits each relocation package should include. We look forward to talking with you about core/flex!

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Watch the webinar!

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