4 Relocation Policies that Will Make Your Life Easier


Use Core/Flex Policies to Improve Your Relocations!

core flex relocation policies

Crafting relocation policies can be time consuming and stressful. Every relocating employee needs a different policy based on their unique needs, but it is difficult to give everyone what they want without taking away too much time from HR and Mobility departments at your company. 

Luckily, core/flex policies (if utilized properly) can save you time and money. By crafting relocation policies based on your different types of employees, instead of each individual person, you can easily build relocation plans that are customizable, reducing the number of exceptions you have to make.

The eBook will cover relocation policies fit for:

  • Entry-Level Employees
  • Mid-Level Employees
  • Senior Executives
  • The C-Suite

After reading, you will have a greater understanding for what each relocation tier should include based on the level of the employee. While this might not be a final solution for your relocation policies, it's a great starting point for those looking to implement core/flex relocation policies! 

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