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Is Your Lump Sum Process Outdated? 

We'll help you fix it.

Lump sum is a popular method for businesses to use to supplement various aspects of their transferees' relocations. 

The problem is—it can get pretty complicated. 

Distributing lump sum is manual to both the employer and the employee. Between figuring out who the employee has to contact next, to making sure all the information is transferred and input properly, to waiting for the payment to go through, all the way through the execution and reporting, many lump sum processes lack efficiency and visbility. 

For these reasons (among many others), it is critical to move this process online. Using an online solution to distribute lump sum will not only make your jobs easier, it will make the process quick and seamless for your transferees as well.

And we're going to show you how.

This eBook will cover:

  • The old lump sum processes vs. the new lump sum process 

  • Benefits to the transferee

  • Benefits to the employer

  • How to tie it all together with communication

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