relocation for the SMB

Think Your Company Doesn't Need Relocation?

Think again.

Too often, employers get in the mindset that they don't need to implement a relocation program until they have grown to a large size. 

This is dangerous thinking.

Companies of all sizes—even small businesses—should be utilizing relocation programs for their recruiting and retention efforts, growing into the program as their company scales.

Once you create the groundwork for a relocation program, adjusting it in unison with your company's growth is much easier than trying to build a full-scale program from scratch (especially if you're amidst the peak of your relocations).

This eBook will cover:

  • Statistics backing the success of other SMB relocations

  • Instances in which an SMB should utilize relocation

  • Relocation policies that work best for smaller-sized companies

  • How to successfully execute small-scale relocations

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