Forgotten Benefits: Crafting a Competitive Relocation Benefits Package

Are You Forgetting Something?

Crafting an effective benefits package isn't easy.

In fact, it requires a lot of time, research, and insight to offer your employees benefits that they not only want, but benefits that they need. Your transferring employees are looking to you to guide them through the relocation process and give them the tools they need to succeed, so it's up to you to provide them.

Forgotten-Benefits-thumbHowever, there are a lot of benefits that often get forgotten. For example:

  • Homefinding Trips
  • Cultural Assistance
  • Spousal Support
  • And More...

This eBook will not only help you understand what your employees need from you in their relocations, but it will also give you insight into the areas of your policy that could use a little bit more love!

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