In Sickness and In Health: 

Mobility in Healthcare

Tuesday, April 27th | 12 PM CST

You have one of the most important jobs in the world.

Moving top talent regardless of field is important, but when you're moving everyday heroes and life savers- no corner can be cut and no need can go unnoticed. 

That's why we created In Sickness and In Health: Mobility in Healthcare.

A specialized mobility healthcare webinar centered around ensuring you don't miss a thing and your healthcare heroes receive the relocation experience they deserve.

Here's a few points we'll discuss:

  • Strategies for personalizing your relocation packages
  • How to reduce lost revenue by minimizing position vacancy times 
  • Tips to streamline your healthcare professionals relocation to save time and money 
  • How to integrate families into the relocation process 

We hope to see you on Tuesday, April 27th at 12pm CST>>

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