Out of the Box:
Maximizing Employee Benefits with Non-Traditional Offerings


The struggle for top talent is real. So is the task of retaining that top talent when you finally make that right hire.

It's time to think outside the box.

As a forward-thinking leader in the relocation industry, UrbanBound has heard it all - including first-hand insight into what benefits employees prize over others.

Wondering what benefits are important to work-from-home vs. in-office employees? We’ll talk about that. Does your total rewards package help your employees feel valued and invested in? We have strategies for that too! Want to do something different and cutting edge? We totally get that.

When it comes to uncharted territory and finding new ways to increase efficiencies in old processes, we thrive. Sit back, buckle up and take a ride with us - we’ll help you blaze a new benefits trail - even if it’s out of the box!

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Here’s what we'll cover:

Real strategies for structuring benefits packages that realize value in your employees

Work-from-home benefits you never considered

In-office perks outside the norm

Actionable tips for generational needs and special populations

Creative ideas to boost retirement and severance packages


Please note: This webinar is available to HR, Recruiters and Corporate Mobility Leaders only. 

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