Relocation Trends: An Overview of Lump Sum


Reimbursement can be a tricky part of your relocation policy to administer, but current relocation trends point to lump sum, which makes everything easier.

According to relocation trends, over half of all companies use lump sums to reimburse relocating employees. It’s generally been found to be more convenient for both employers and employees. The only catch is that it requires a little background information in order to execute effectively, information which we cover in this eBook!

The eBook covers:

  • What lump sum means and which policies are entailed
  • Other forms of reimbursement, like allowance and flex plans
  • A statistical background of lump sum
  • Reasons why it’s smart to let a third party company handle your lump sum policy

Download this eBook today and start becoming an expert on lump sum. You and your employees will benefit greatly from its contents.

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