The Small Stuff:
MicroStrategies that Help You Win the Employee Relocation Game Every Time


Relocation can be stressful. The never ending to-do lists, the unexpected expenses and the unknowns can drive down employee satisfaction.

It's time to up your relo game.

Assisting your employee with the “small stuff” alleviates much of the overall stress of their move and increases their satisfaction and experience. This sets your employees up for success and prepares them for the first of many days on the job.

Think better onboarding and relocation experience = higher employee satisfaction. 

We know that as employers, you can’t account for every need your employee may encounter with his/her relocation. However, in this webinar, we’ve compiled the best tips and tricks for overcoming some of the obstacles that hinder satisfaction the most and will help to move your employee’s relocation experience from just OK to enjoyable and painless. 

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Here’s what we'll cover:

Moving-specific stressors you can help your employees overcome

Extra touches to increase the employee experience from the start

Actionable tips for helping your employee - and their family - assimilate into their new role and location

How to help employees stay positive long after the relocation process is complete


Please note: This webinar is available to HR, Recruiters and Corporate Mobility Leaders only. 

Small Strategies to Boost Employee Relocation Satisfaction Webinar
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