relocation and the tech space

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Relocation and technology are two industries that together have the potential to be a power-house. However, over time, the technology and relocation industries have matured in silos, forcing the two to operate on different terms, instead of in a shared space of collaboration and conversation. 

The processes of relocation are becoming much more advanced, as we can now use technology to replace many aspects of relocation that were once outdated and difficult to manage. As a result, technology and relocation are very much intertwined, but are having a hard time finding a way to merge.

We're going to talk about why.

The topics that will be discussed in this webinar are:

  • Relocation & Technology: Where We Were & Where We’ve Come

  • The Self-Service Industry: What’s Out There?

  • Big Ideas, Big Trends

  • How to Open Up the Conversation

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